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DevDays Pre Conference Day

Todat was the pre conference day for the Dutch Dev Days 2005. The topic I went to was about Team System. Most of the things I had already seen from various documents and a...


Tech·Ed 2005

The website for the European Tech·Ed 2005 is online. It also has an rss feed you can subscribe two. For some reason, I sometimes click on the rss feed to watch it in Internet Explorer or...


DevDays – I’ll be there

Just for fun, I created this little image that says I’m going to the (Dutch) DevDays in march.If you like it, and want to place it on your blog or something, you can use...


Roses are #FF0000

Wouldn’t you be the coolest geek with this t-shirt on?Maybe I have to wear this at the DevDays 2005!Go get it here!


Dutch DevDays 2005

I’m looking at the sessions that are being held at the Dutch Microsoft DevDays in Den Haag. Noticable is that development processes get extra attention this year. I think this is very good, because...


FireFox extension : BugMeNot

Okay, this is it… I’m convinced. I’m using FireFox! The reason is this plugin I found, which uses BugMeNot. BugMeNot is a website that ‘liberates’ sites, as they seem to call it. In other...


Microsoft Desktop Search

Microsoft has placed a new utility online, or suite, as they call it. It’s a new version, upgrade or enhancement of the current MSN Toolbar. It’s still in beta, but according to Scott Hanselman...


FeedReader proxy password change

Some keywords in the topic for everyone searching through Google! 😉 There’s a bug in FeedReader which results in not being able to change your proxy password. When you’re on a domain which makes...