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Switch statement humor

Today during a code review session at a client, we spoke about using the switch statement in C#, instead of the if statement. A few hours later I got the reply that they were...


DotNetNuke is not open source

Rob Howard is ‘surprised‘ to find out about the Slashdot mentality. They and especially a lot of their visitors seem to think that DotNetNuke isn’t open source. The source is definitely open, but it uses...


DivX Create software free today only!

To celebrate their 5th anniversary, DivX is giving away their normally $19.95 DivX Create Bundle software for free today only. Fill in your e-mail address (of course an address they can spam ’till the...


Everybody hates Chris on GoogleVideo

I’ve recently seen Never Scared, the HBO show of Chris Rock, which was very very funny. I’ve just read on LifeHacker that his tv-show "Everybody hates Chris" will be on GoogleVideo the next four days....


Maxxed out on Avalon

I just watched a part of the keynote of the PDC05 via the webcast. I got in while Don and Chris were presenting Avalon, currently names the Windows Presentation Foundation. More info on WinFX...


How to run IE7 (Beta 1) alongside IE6

For some applications, I always want to try out the latest versions. They sometimes contain such cool new features, or look so much better, you just have to get those. Office, while adding nothing...


New XML File Format

Microsoft just introduced a video on Channel9 about the new file format for Office 12, which is to be released in the future. Word, Excel and PowerPoint will be able to use the new...


TopDesk : A super top desk application

I have always tried applications or tools like TweakUI and it’s alt-tab replacement. With it, while you alt-tab through your applications, you see a small screenshot of that application. That way, it’s much more clear...


DevDays : Powerpoint slides

For the visitors from the Dutch DevDays 2005, you can download the slides here. I heard they also taped some tracks which would also be shown in the site, but haven’t found these yet.