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Presentation techniques

Jan wrote that he sees possibilities in Windows Presentation Foundation, for one that he doesn’t need to bother with the design anymore. For developers this is indeed very good. I can see applications build...


IE7/Office 2007 and RSS

I’m currently using Omea Reader by Jetbrains for all my RSS subscriptions. But after re-installing my laptop and installing the latest Omea Reader, some weird indexing bug occured. The bug is fixed in version...


MSDN expired

I was browsing Google, got an MSDN link, clicked it, and got the folloing error. Strange though that CustomErrors are turned. Perhaps someone’s fixing it from a remote location and turned if off to...


Weblogs in distress

When you think hundreds of weblogs are going to blog about the new release of Windows Live Writer, Somasegar shares some info on Windows Vista that causes a lot of stress in the .NET...



I’m currently debugging an application and it says: De objectverwijzing is niet op een exemplaar van een object ingesteld. Anyone any idea what it means?! 😉


How a company can make life beautiful

It’s surprising how beautiful life can be. Some company (or someone) can just create something that will make your day, makes you smile, feel better and creates the urge to give something back. Giving...


TechEd Europe cancelled?

For some reason, the news was spread around that TechEd Europe was cancelled. Even officially, although the article (in Dutch) is very vague, talking about TechEd being cancelled, to continue that it’ll be held in...