Employers don’t need a recruiter

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  1. Mark Joosten says:

    As a recruiter for .NET developers, I couldn’t agree more. For my job I regularly visit companies and I often have wondered why companies invest so much time, effort and money in finding the right candidates, but at the other hand do so little (in comparison) to keep these employees within their company. I mean, don’t get me wrong, for us as recruiters this of course means that we can do business, but sometimes I really would like to grab a manager or business owner and shake them up with the question WHY? These policies are often so short sighted that it is hard for me to believe that they don’t see this. At the other hand this is probably how people simply are (being short sighted). I mean, in your article you are now talking about HR policies that could save a company a great deal of money on the long term, but this short sightedness vs. long term solutions go’s for so many other areas in our life’s. Think for example how we as humans treat our body, or in your line of work; how many programmers go about quality, or how we treat our environment, or how we deal with our energy need, or take a look at our government finances, or the cause of our current financial crisis. All examples of how we as humans solve problems with quick and easy fixes, rather than fundamental solutions. If we take a look at our own lives, I bet we will find some of this behavior ourselves in certain areas, because this is how we often work as humans.

  2. Tuba Kaya Chomette says:

    Hi Dennis, I agree with you. One good reason comes to my mind for companies or developers to need recruiters though.. There are so many companies looking for a developer. Without recruiters a developer has to go through all the vacancies. Mostly, you can’t really learn much about the company from their vacancies. When there is a recruiter, who knows about those companies and understands what the developer is searching for, finding the correct job, doing the match, can be easier and more successful. Of course, in that case you need to work with a recruiter, who does a good job with knowing about the companies and understanding what matches the developer.( e.g Blaak Selectie :))

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