Create a custom caching manager for Enterprise Library 4

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2 Responses

  1. Neil says:

    Hey dennis, i tried the above procedure. im facing a problem while im trying to add a custom cache manager, mainly while loading the assembly.. if the assembly is built wid .net 4.0 then the enterprise configuration doesn’t allow loading saying that it dll is built with a newer version, than some tmp file..
    And if i build the dll, wid .net 3.5 den it says that it does nt find any type which implements ICacheManager.

  2. Dennis van der Stelt says:

    .NET 4.0 assemblies won’t work, period! 🙂 That’s because the config tool was build in an older version of .NET.

    .NET 3.5 assemblies are actually .NET 2.0 assemblies and they should work. And what it simply says it that it does not contain a class that inherits/implements the ICacheManager interface. The ICacheManager interface is inside the EntLib assemblies, dunnow exactly which one. Don’t create your own ICacheManager interface, it won’t work.

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