Running Vista; Part 3

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  1. “However, what are my positive experiences? Only on the graphical side. I absolutely LOVE the new graphics system. Watching a video, hovering over the video in the taskbar and seeing a 2nd window playing the video and then pressing alt-tab to see a third window playing the video just gives me warm feelings. I love those kind of things. So when that’s working, it really makes me wonder why in full-screen the video is so much slower.”
    try that on a fancy PC with a big videocard: your videocard fan will kill your hearing after a few hours.

    Also, isn’t that video crap simply marketing gobblygook? I mean: only ADHD people will alt-tab through windows when playing a video because they lost attention to the video they were watching…

  2. Frans, I wasn’t talking about 3D tabbing, because I never use that.

    And what about a fancy PC with a fancy videocard, instead of a big videocard? THe only fan I hear is from my power-supply and I’ve already got a quiet one lying around. Just have to install it.

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