Running Vista; Part 2

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3 Responses

  1. You really like this cpu intensive crappy sidebar in vista over Konfabulator? I fail to see what the vista sidebar has to offer over Konfabulator.

    Really bad that a core OS part BSOD’s.

  2. Nick Sevens says:

    I installed Vista myself two days ago.
    And, as I had with the RC1 and RC2, my video card (x800xt pe) isn’t recognized … meaning I dont have the Aero theme running atm 🙁 that sux
    I had it in Beta 2 (i think :s), and I really liked that thing tbh 🙂

    Hope it’s fixed in the final release of the Catalyst drivers, or maybe a Windows Update …

  3. @Frans : Hmmm, I thought I’d written a reply already, but maybe I didn’t press the submit button or so.

    Well, I had installed Konfabulator in the past and did it again today. But all widgets differ in size, there’s no sidebar and I don’t see any widgets I like. I just want the clock and calendar. Perhaps in the future some widget to plan meetings and such, with Google Calendar and Outlook integration or so. Whatever. Thing I want most right now is that it sticks to my desktop when I press Window+D

    @Nick : I’ve read there are ways to enable it anyway. Perhaps you should check it out. I’ve already got TweakVI running, which offers the option to run Aero in software mode, if I’m correct.

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