Beat up your team members with the Continuous Integration Token

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  1. Ramon says:

    Although I like this kiss solution to always have your build quality perfect I don’t really see this working when your having more then 5 full-time developers working on your trunk 🙁

    Our current project has 15 developers this would create really big locks on the repository thus this creates wait time and you don’t want to let developers wait!

    My personal experience is that you have defined good development cycles to take place before checking. But this can only work good if you can run a full test for your part if it can be run in approximately 5 minutes max! Any longer and it get’s difficult to check in as often as possible with complete changes where those workitems are as small as can be possible.

    My personal experience with large development teams is that you really need development branches to keep the train rolling at high speeds like the french TGV’s 🙂

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