Workflow Foundation Beta 1.2

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  1. Nathan J Pledger says:

    Hi Dennis,

    I certainly am. We are looking at a workflow solution and I have put this on the agenda (we are eventually going to invest in VS.NET 2005 in due course anyway, lets buy into this and spend nothing extra and see what we get before committing thousands of pounds on the software we have seen so far)

    Our concerns centre around it hinging around two unproven platforms. .NET 2.0 is still too new for our liking and WWF is absolutely unproven. Also, there is the old MS experience that v1 is crap, v2 is marginal and v3 follows a purchase and is awesome. We don’t want to be on that painful journey.

    But, I personally prefer this option, so I would be very interested in your experiences.

  2. I was under the impression that Windows Workflow Foundation didn’t have a go-live license yet… is that true?

  3. Since this beta 1.2 (or beta 2 as some other Microsoft sources call it) there’s also a go live license for both WF and WCF.

    You can find it here :

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