SQL Server Express 2005 compared to MSDE2000

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  1. And it’s database limit is also twice the size of MSDE 🙂

  2. … and it probably has the same kind of license as MSDE. Mostly MSDE is free because of a Office license within the company.

    If not.. then this is really a good alternative for other db’s.

  3. Dennis,
    Because I didn’t phrase that clear enough: MSDE had no connection limits. It was just that only 10 of them could perform simultaneous work. That limit is gone in SSE. It’s just that you only have 1 GB of RAM to work with. That’s your main limit.
    And as far as I know, you can use and distribute SSE for free, without any small print (just like MSDE).

  4. Nathan J Pledger says:

    But will it come with maintenance tools like Enterprise Manager – or whatever the SQL Server 2005 equivelant is?

  5. As said : Also the SQL Express Manager is a stripped down version of the full SQL Server Manager. 🙂

    Only this stripped down version isn’t there yet. But there’ll probably some others tools around. Problem is that their most of the time, not nearly as good.

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