Maxxed out on Avalon

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  1. You got the best seat in da house! Your own 😉

    Yep, Max is a really cool “Avalon” app. How was the quality of the webcast? Does Max run smooth on your PC?

  2. My system
    CPU : AMD 2000+
    Memory : 1GB PC2700
    Gfxcard : nVidia 6800 AGP
    Harddrive : pretty slow 🙂

    It runs okay, but has a lot of hickups, because of the harddrive. It’s very usable though. But browsing for folders with loads of pictures in it, and in its subfolders, takes a while to load all pictures. But while loading the pictures, the window/listbox scrolls like a charm.

    The 3D photos and then sliding from one set to another goes way too fast though. I had the idea it went much smoother during presentation.

    The webcast itself was okay. The sound was pretty good, video as well, but code was pretty unreadable due to artifacts.

  3. My bad… The scrolling that I thought was too fast, was when you press the “next” and “previous” buttons. When you just wait it out, it slides much more smoothly. So it’s actually very good that it slides much faster when you press those buttons. Excellent app!

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