DOSBox works like a charm!

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  1. I haven’t tried it yet, but it sure looks promissing, especially the ability to see my all time favorite Dope again is mindblowing! 🙂 (I’m a jmagic fan, as he understood the true art of demoing: fake till you drop :D)

  2. @Otis: Dope is cool. But my all-time-favorite still is Start by Nooon. I remember that we were downloading it at my home with a I think a 2400bps modem :). When we saw the wasp we were silent.. and then the face wall thingy.. Aaaah.. those were the days 🙂

    I have only tested demos with DOSBox but I saw screenshots at the website of Syndicate Wars. Damn! That was a cool game! So it seems that I must try to play some old games this weekend 🙂

  3. Stars by NoooN, Exyll! 🙂

    Both Stars and Dope are on the Mindcandy DVD. If I’d only knew how I could easily rip a single chapter out of a DVD I’d do it. But I don’t want to search the internet and want it done easy. So if anyone has any suggestions! 🙂

    Dope is really cool for the design and calling the effects "Larousse Fire Clouds" and such! 🙂 But Jugi’s music with Dope ROCKS so hard! So very cool!

  4. Damn… small typo 🙂 I know it is Start i mean Stars

    Why would you want to rip those from the mindcandy dvd?? probably has the links to an easy tool you require.

  5. Why I want to rip them? To place them on my laptop and play them again-and-again-and-again-and… while I work! 🙂

    And I used doom9 to look at some tools some time ago, but at that moment, it required 5 tools or so. Way to much. And I had to rip the .VOB files to HD, rework them and when that was done, I could make DivX from them. That took 6GB or so for one movie and most of the time, my files were JUST over the size of one 700MB cd so I had to do it all again! 😉

    And I haven’t been able to figure out how to rip only one chapter, so I asked here how to be able to do that.

  6. Dammmmmnnnn… you are my devil!!! :-PPPPPP As I said in my blog to your post, I had a vpc2004 with lots of my favourite demos, but there was a problem with GUS!!!! Today I started to see oldskool demos that used GUS and it was wonderfullllllllll…. 😀

    Where you in any group? I was in Polygon, a spanish one.. we where just at The Party 96 (i think it was 96, but couldn’t finish our demo)… btw, all my demo code is working nowwww 🙂

    Damn good an inspirating this… definitely broken my mind again… ten years after…

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